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Shimizu Ayano [2] by Yuminari

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi! I'm Yuminari, a Hungarian artist student. I'm usually a bit shy but sometimes I become very talkative... and this is the reason why this interview will be long. x'D

2. What does your deviantart username mean?
At first it was a totally random name and I didn't know that it has a meaning. (To be honest it is one of my old OCs' names xD) 
But a few weeks later I found the meaning in a useful kanji dictionary. Yuminari (弓形) means "arched; crescent-shaped; bow-shaped; segment" 

3. How shall we call you?
Yumi, Yumi-chan/san is fine Heart

4. Apart from drawing, what are your hobbies/interests? 
Sleeping. .__. Okno xD
I like reading and as a hobby I'm learning Japanese for ~5 months. I'm also watching animes and reading mangas every day 8'D XD 
I love sports too but I am lazy to do anything if I haven't got a partner. I don't like going running or etc. alone. 

*Night Walk [EnR] by Yuminari*

5. How long is it since you started drawing?
I have been drawing since I was a child, but I started drawing seriously in ~2013. 

6. When did you first decide that you were going to be an artist? What made you start drawing?
Hmm... I started drawing as a little kid because I really liked my godmothers' cute snail and teddy bear arts x'DDDD (Yes, really. It's not a joke x'D)
I have always loved drawing but I decided that I DEFINITELY want to become an artist only a little more than 2 years ago. Because - as everyone knows, I think - It's really hard to live from drawing. 

7. Why did you join dA?
To be honest, I can't remember x"D But really, I have no idea. My first year on deviantart has passed with nothing. 8'D


8. What do you like the most about drawing?
To make my own world. For me drawing means that I can leave reality for a while and I can spend my time in a totally different "world". (LOL it sounds so weird x'D)
And I love the way how messy sketches become something colourful ;v;

9. And what do you like drawing the most? xD
Female characters because I'm bad at drawing male characters x'D (But I am working on this! /o/)
And I really love drawing hairs and little details! -w-

10. Your current faves from your gallery:
Mehh.... um... .__.
Maybe these: 
Yin Lin and Harada (Commission) [+Speedpaint] by Yuminari Shinobu - Kiriban by Yuminari    'Let me see!' by Yuminari
I loved drawing all of these so much ;v;

11. Your current faves from your friends' - people you watch - gallery:
VEEEERY Big feature time because i must show you all of these! Heart

Bullet; Orange :icongurakko: Bullet; Orange

Bullet; Orange :iconihlosih: Bullet; Orange

Have a tea with Leo by Ihlosih Lust Pride by Ihlosih  

Bullet; Orange :iconnori-nao: Bullet; Orange
Ai-Rin [Akatsuki no Yona OC] - headshot by Nori-Nao Miyamoto Fujiko - [Request] by Nori-Nao 

Bullet; Orange :iconrinniu: Bullet; Orange
Zoe by RinniuHappy birthday by Rinniu  

Bullet; Orange :iconsarachan1818: Bullet; Orange
Re: Kirishima Touka by sarachan1818  AkaMiwa - Blue and White by sarachan1818 

Bullet; Orange :icondeaxx: Bullet; Orange
DnA OC Gift 1/8 - Kamiko by deaxx DnA OC Gift 3/8 - Natsumi by deaxx 

Bullet; Orange :icongazerei: Bullet; Orange
[DGM] Hatori Kumiko by GazeRei  [DGM] Art Project - Shiroyama Rei by GazeRei

 Bullet; Orange :iconirissennii: Bullet; Orange
+DnA+ Interlaced by IrissenNii  +AT+ Firead by IrissenNii

Bullet; Orange :iconfiread: Bullet; Orange
+HQ OC+ Crow Kisses by firead  +HQ OC+ Kitty Cuddles by firead


Bullet; Green :iconsakon04: Bullet; Green
The Drifters by Sakon04  Lunch Break by Sakon04

 Bullet; Green :iconsing-sei: Bullet; Green
See ya 'round by Sing-sei Comm. Tidus-Yumemiru by Sing-sei 

Bullet; Green :iconsayuuhiro: Bullet; Green
  I've back by sayuuhiro I don't wanna die by sayuuhiro

Bullet; Green :iconsonkahalx3: Bullet; Green
Incsusztikus by sonkahalx3  OK! by sonkahalx3

Bullet; Green :iconsen17: Bullet; Green
Saigami Promotional pic by Sen17  Saigami chapter 2 cover by Sen17

Bullet; Green :iconsynderen: Bullet; Green
Windlord by synderen fp_10 by synderen 

Bullet; Green :iconshumijin: Bullet; Green
 Akagami no Shirayukihime - Zen, Obi, Shirayuki by Shumijin  Pulled : Artistic Journey Contest by Shumijin

And I have maaaaany others but I really have to cut the list here x'D


12. What programs do you use?
I usually use Paint tool Sai. I'm doing the sketch, the linearting and the colouring in this program. And I use Photoshop or Mangastudio EX5 for the effects and backgrounds. 

13. What type of tablet have you got?
Until March 25 I used Genius GPen F610. Now I have Wacom Intuos pro. ;v; 

14. How much time do you need on average for a simple one-character fullbody picture?
It depends on the pose. I always spend the most time on making a good sketch. ^^"
But usually I need at least 3-4 hours. I'm not a fast artist, ehh 8'D
15. Any advice for beginners?
Never give up. Even if you feel like your art is not good and you're not talented, NEVER GIVE UP. Nobody was born as a professional artist. But everyone can become one if they practices a lot <3 And an artist is never totally satisfied with their works, for 100%. But if you can find some things on your art that you like (hair, eyes, face, clothes, colouring style, shading style, lines, etc.) then it's already something that makes you go forward.
And don't be afraid of critiques. I remember when I was younger I really hated when people said "this and this looks weird". But I have already grown out of it and it's much better now. Of course it depends on who tries to give you an advice, because there are rude and normal people... But if someone normal tries to help you then listen to them, think it over and if you think they're right, work on the mistakes. 
It's important to notice your mistakes and to work on them but if you always concentrate on that "oh my god, this and this looks so bad..." then after a while it's gonna take away your mood for drawing. You need to notice the good part on your art, because they exist! Heart

*Shinobu - Kiriban by Yuminari*

16. Any advice on linearting?
I'm doing the lineart in Paint tool Sai and I love lineartig~
I'm not good at explaining things but... Here you can see my brush settings:
Also I think it's useful if you do the details' linearts on different layers. I mean, for example if the hair is above the clothes, then do the hair's and the clothes' linearts on different layers. And later you can delete the not needed parts on the clothes without damaging the hair. And later you can unite the layers into one.

17. Any advice on colouring/shading?
I always use clipping group for shading, I think it's the best. You can see more details of this in one of my tutorials, here: Haikyuu!! style tutorial by Yuminari 
But of course there are many way of shading. 

18. Any advice on dealing with art blocks?
Art bloks are my biggest enemies .___. I have never known how to deal with them, ehh...
But if I have got an art block (it happens to me every month or two months x'D) I always rewatch/reread some of my favoruite animes/mangas and I start searching for my favourite artist's gallery. It always inspire me at least a little. 
But if you feel like you really can’t do it then don’t force it. If you force it, it will just be worse. 

*Yin Lin and Harada (Commission) [+Speedpaint] by Yuminari*

19. Have you ever won drawing contests?
I won a fanart contest a little more than a year ago. It was Saigami's fanart contest. (Saigami is an original story made by a Hungarian artist. You can read it in English too, it's published in Saturday AM - )

20. Have you got future plans about drawing?
I would like to become a manga artist in the future. I know that it will be very difficult and it takes a long time, but I would really like it. And I already have many ideas :D (Big Grin)

21. Have you ever tried out other styles apart from your current one? Have you got experience of dealing with other styles /styles not related to animes and mangas/? 
Which of your styles are the closest to your heart?

I have been drawing in anime style for 6 years so for me any other styles are already a bit difficult. I can draw (more or less) in realistic style but I don't like it too much. And to be honest, I really dislike the cartoonish style ^^" it looks good in other people's art and I have fav artists who use this style. But I am never gonna draw anything in this style. It's just it isn't something I like.
My absolute favourite style at the moment is the Akatsuki no Yona's style. 

22. What inspires you? Who/what inspires you to draw the most?
Lots of things inspire me. For example: my life, my friends, and some artists on DeviantArt and in my school - and I get motivation from music as well. It’s always something random. 

*Floyd and Haru - Commission by Yuminari*

23. Name some artists/mangakas who had influence on your style: /not from deviantart/
Terajima Yuuji (Diamond no Ace), Kusanagi Mizuho (Akatsuki no Yona), Furudate Haruichi (Haikyuu!!), Sorata  Akizuki (Akagami no Shirayukihime), Fujiwara Hiro (Kaichou wa Maid-sama). But I have many more. 

24. Which animes/mangas had influence on your style?
I'm in love with Diamond no Ace's backgrounds and characters' anatomy, the expressions and art style in Akatsuki no Yona's characters, and the dynamic poses, clothes and expressions in Haikyuu style. ♥

25. Which deviants do you look up to?
If I must choose some then: yuumeiinmaSen17Sakon04, Sing-sei, Hachiimi

26. Name someone you look up to in real life:
My parents and my friends... it's so typical, but really ;v; 
Next to them I adore my highschool's Art teacher, some of my current university classmates... And Ihlosih and Sen17 Heart

27. Name some deviants you think should get more recognition:
So here is my long list: GurakkoIhlosihNori-NaodeaxxRinniusarachan1818sonkahalx3GazeReiIrissenNii, fireadLaulaubiOrangenblueteSing-seiSakon04synderenSen17sayuuhiroFlyingDragon04Qsan90, Shumijinanch-uLumaki-san

28. Is your family supportive when it comes to drawing?
At first nobody in my family liked my idea of chosing an Art High School. That's why in the end I attended a normal High School. 
But because I have never stopped drawing, when it the time came to choose an university, my mother has already accepted the fact that I won't change my mind and I want to become and artist. My mother is the most supportive despite the fact that she doesn't like anime style too much. I often ask her opinion about my art and I really love that she's always honest and if I make a mistake, she lets me know it <3
My father and my brother are different. My brother totally doesn't care about it but my father has always wanted me to do something other. 
However, nowadays I feel like he has already accepted that I spend every day with drawing. I think I can say that he's supportive as well, I would just be really happy if he finally understood that a drawing isn't finished within 2-3 hours... He always stalks me because I use my computer too much (but I love him, don't misunderstand me ♥ xD)  

*Autumn rest - gift by Yuminari*

29. What does art mean to you?
Maybe it sounds typical again xD but it's really almost everything for me. 
Also I find art very interesting itself. I think you can feel lots of things about people according to their arts; the subjects they usually choose, their colouring style and etc. sometimes it is like a mirror.

30. Do you believe in talent?
I believe talent is something that maybe exists but at the same time it isn't everything.
Even if you have never learned how to draw you can become a good artist. Everyone can become one with practice! 

31. Does art has future in this world according to your POV?
Of course it has! But I feel like that will be in the late future. And well, I feel like my country isn't too supportive for artists.

32. Have you ever questioned the worth of your work? Have you ever felt like you should stop drawing? What made you go on? Any advice for someone who is dealing with the same at the moment?
I think there aren't any artists who have never questioned the worth of their work (well, I believe that if not later then at the beginner level everyone feels this at least once.) And of course it happened to me too. I tended to compare myself with others every time when I saw someone who's the same age as me but much better - and let's be honest, I still tend to do it. But it's a bad thing which takes your confidence away.
NEVER think too much if you see someone who's at the same age as you, or younger than you, or just a little older and they are much better than you. We're all different, with different past and experience. I believe that age doesn't matter. 

33. Have you ever thought of teaching arts/drawing? What were you like as a teacher?
I really love helping everyone but I'm very bad at explaining things xD Because I have never really learned how to draw I haven't got too much experience teaching it. 
Moreover, I still don't feel like I'm good enough for teaching anybody. But because some people are interested in it, I'm planning to do some tutorials in the future. ;v; 
Also because I'm critical with myself, I'm the same with other people too. It's not my style to always just praise something or someone. If someone asks me to say my opinion, then I'm going to tell what I like and what I feel a bit weird, and I'm going to give advice for the correction.... So I think I would be a strict but supportive teacher xD

34. If you could wish for anything - linked to drawings - what would you wish for?
I wish I would be less lazy and makeing sketches would be less time... XD

*Tokyo Ghoul OC - Arai Mitsuki by Yuminari*

35. What is your opinion about art thieves?
It's something I really don't like and I have personal experience with it (what happened nowadays...) 
I can't understand how someone can be happy with uploading a stolen art and say "it's mine and she's my x character and I worked with y hours with this".
Stealing an art is a crime in the world of arts too. Someone worked with their art so much, many hours or maybe days. Nobody is authorized to steal them and use them as their own works. Please respect the artists. 

36. What is your opinion about tracing?
Tracing is a problem which one part of people says it's good and one part says it's bad.
I will never deny that when I was younger, I used to trace because I didn't know it's something bad. One of my favourite Naruto artists was a tracer and I liked her art because it looked so original... ^^" But after someone had talked to me about this I immediately stopped doing this and I deleted my old arts.
I think tracing has two types: the first is when you do it without asking the artists' permission and without giving credit for the original art. This is totally BAD. I call it stealing if they don't credit the original artist.
The another one: If you want to use someone's art as a base, then at first read their FAQ (maybe they're telling you that it's allowed or not) and then if you still can't find the answer, then write them a note and ask them. /But don't be surprised if some people will be mad./ Also using screenshots is in the second type for me, just again, link the original one.
I think as long as you do it with permission and credit the original art, tracing isn't the best way, but still can be good as practice. 

37. What is your opinion about collabs?
I love collabs and I often do them as well! It's so interesting to see two or more people's style in the same art :D (Big Grin) 

*Yuhi and Gin - AT by Yuminari*

38. Do you like stamps?
I LOVE them! <3 But I'm bad at making them xD

39. Have you got any /main/ OCs at the moment?
Now my main OCs are Shimizu Ayano (Diamond no Ace), Inami Hanae (Haikyuu) and Mi-na (Akatsuki no Yona).

41. When did you start watching Diamond no Ace? Why would you recommend it to others?
I started watching it in 2014's January (it came out in 2013's October) because I found the opening by accident and it looked really interesting.  
When I started it, I didn't know anything about baseball. But really, for me it was like a "hit the ball and run somewhere" game xD 
But I have already loved the first episode and when I saw Miyuki for the first time it was love from the first second xD so I continued it. And after 3 episodes I was like "I can't stop it' and I finished every episodes that was out at that time whitin 2 days. 
I really like that the main character, Sawamura is a big dork... because of this you will understand the game even if you don't know anything about it first. He always asks everything.
I started reading the manga after I finished with the 15th episode i guess. And to be honest: I love the anime but the manga is much more better. The backgrounds are freaking amazing, the characters and the anatomy are very amazing as well and it is easier to follow the plot than in the anime. 
And what I love the most: there aren’t any super powers. I really got bored of sports animes full of supernatural powers like amazing jumps, superhuman speed and etc. And the main team is not unbeatable, full of power etc. They lost matches, and not only for once but for many times.

*Kuramochi and Ryousuke  [speedpaint] by Yuminari*

42. When did you start watching Haikyuu? Why would you recommend it to others?
The PV looked interesting and I started watching it when the first episode came out. 
Haikyuu has a lively and colourful world with different and super lovely characters. To be honest, Haikyuu is the only anime where I haven't got any characters I hate. All of them are totally lovely dorks, even the minor characters too. And just like in DnA, there aren't any supernatural powers that make everything much better. The characters have a good character development, both as a team and as a person. 
The animation is amazing, and just like in the manga, you can always notice some funny scenes in the background. It has a very good sense of humour and I love their expressions and the unique drawing style so much. 

43. When did you start watching Akatsuki no Yona? Why would you recommend it to others?
I started watching it immediately when it came out in 2014's October. I have already loved the PV.
To be honest, I didn't expect it to be as good as it is. Seriously, this is the best fantasy shoujo I have seen in a long time. 
The main character, Yona has the best character development I have ever seen. She became from a whining and a little annoying princess to a really strong and badass warrior. And the main male character, Hak is the most amazing bodyguard ever xD And even the minor characters can be really lovely too. Everyone is an individuality - and a hidden (or not hidden) dork.
 It has a very good sense of humour and drama moments to. So far I have never felt like it's "too dramatical." 
The anime is one of the most demanding shoujos and the manga's art style is my absolute favourite. This story is full of life, the expressions are my favourites. In the anime the music is very good, both the opening-endings and the OSTs. I really recommend it for everyone. 

*Mi-na - Akatsuki no Yona OC sheet by Yuminari*

44. Any other favourite animes/mangas?
I have some forever favourites like FMA Brotherhood and Durarara. Next to these, I like Gintama, Shirobako, Tokyo Ghoul, Shingeki no Kyojin, Magi, Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Kaichou wa maid-sama, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Natsume Yuujinchou, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, K project, Free!!, Fairy Tail, Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn, Chihayafuru, Psycho-pass,.

45. Tell us a bit about your OTPs:

- Ayano and Miyuki:
All in all Miyuki is a very difficult character. He's very good at baseball but at the same time he has a terrible personality and he's not good at comforting others. I wanted to pair him with someone who is patient and because of this Ayano can handle his stupidness, and who doesn't need too many attention from the people they love. In Miyuki's life baseball is the number one and he's not a too romantic type. Ayano can accept it and doesn't mind it. Their relationship is difficult, but even with Miyuki's usual teasing, all in all it's a strong mutual trust in each other. 
Ayano likes Miyuki’s sincere and sassy behaviour since the first time they met, but it becomes love only at the end of their first grade.
Miyuki notices Ayano’s feelings towards him and although he likes her as well, in the beginning he just teases her more and more but never crosses the lines. Miyuki is really talented at embarrassing Ayano, and often laughs at her when she blushes and tries to throw something at him. This will continue after they start going out.
She knows how stubborn and proud Miyuki is, so she doesn't try to get involved in his business, nor Miyuki tries to get involved in hers.  Most of the time they only help each other when the other asks them to do so, but if they've got a problem they can rely on each other.
Ayano is really proud of Miyuki’s talent and is really happy that he spends so much time with baseball. Thus she doesn’t mind if they can’t always spend their time together. Sometimes she even says that dealing with Miyuki all day long would be impossible.
If they get into trouble they blame each other.

*[ENR] Winter Card by Yuminari*

- Hanae and Oikawa:
Oikawa is an egoistic player with bad personality and Hanae is a black-hair maniac with a too honest personality, so their relationship isn't too easy.
Hanae admits Oikawa's abilities and hard work from the beginning and she respects him before that. But sometimes she finds his personality a bit annoying. At first Oikawa is interested in her only because Hanae talks to him only if he starts the conversation, but she never looks after him. When he asks her about this, Hanae says she admits that Oikawa is talented and handsome but it's not enough for her to become a fan of him - and he hasn't got black hair. 
Oikawa starts liking her after a month, and he accepts that and doesn't hide how he feels, even more sometimes he almost harasses Hanae with his stupid things.
But Hanae doesn't want to recognize her feelings for him.. since Oikawa is so popular and she doesn't want a boyfriend who has so many fans. She tries to think that what she feels, isn't love. And since she never lets him too close, whatever Oikawa tries to do, after a few months, he decides to go out with a girl who could love him. After this Hanae immediately recognizes her love for him, but won't do anything. She says that until Oikawa is happy with another girl, she accepts it. And she knows that it was her fault that things turned out like this, so she has no right to say anything about it. They are together a lot after that too, that Oikawa got a girlfriend, and Hanae still hits him, when he deserves it - but there is a sensable distance between them. 
But after the girl dumpes Oikawa, because he is infatuated with volleyball, Hanae is the first one to invite Oikawa, to look for a birthday present for her brother. 
And.. by a few weeks/ a month before the spring championship they start going out. 
But their usual picking on the other thing remains, even more, it becomes even worse. 

*'Let me see!' by Yuminari*

- Mi-na and Jae-ha:
Mi-Na grew up in a bodyguard family. When she was 10 years old, Mi-Na's family was attacked by a gang when her father wasn't at home. They set their house on fire and Mi-Na lost her mother. They escaped with her little sister to the forest. When Mi-Na fell down on a hill, they lost each other. A traveler found Mi-Na and saved her life and she lived with him until she became 16 years old. Since then she's traveling alone and searching for her little sister and her father. After an accident she's joining for Yona's group to help them and at the same time to search for her family. 
Mi-Na gets on well with Jae-ha since the first time they met but when she feel like he's annoying, she lets him know about it. At first she often hits Jae-ha when he's an idiot but after she notices he enjoys it she just tries to ignore him. Jae-ha takes care of her from the beginning, and because of her strong, confident and brave personality he starts liking Mi-Na. Despite the fact that Mi-Na often says Jae-ha is an annoying pervert, she totally trusts him and he's the first who knows if she has any problems.
Jae-ha loves stalking her with his stupidness, likes asking her to sleep with him and saying unnecessary things. Mi-Na can handle it pretty well but sometimes she can be very embarrassed. When it happens she tries to escape from the situation without saying anything. 
When she falls in love with Jae-ha, she is not afraid of to admit it. But at the same time she's worried because she doesn’t know how much time she will be able to spend with him yet. If she finds her little sister, she's thinking about leaving the group and staying with her.
She doesn't know anything about that the dragons die much earlier than a normal human, and Jae-ha really takes care her never letting know about this. 

*[Self-defense] by Yuminari*

46. Are you planning to draw doujinshis or write fanfictions with them?
I'm planning to do a little comic with them. I'm thinking about writing Mi-Na's story, but I wouldn’t like to do a doujinshi with them because it would be too much work. And it's difficult to draw a doujinshi with a sport anime/manga. xD

47. Have you got any original stories? Are you planning to draw/write them?
Of course I have many ideas! And I'm planning to draw them as a manga. 


48. Have you got any canon ships?
Of course! I have MANY canon ships xDD
At the moment my ultimate canon ship is Yona and Hak. They are my loves Heart 
Next to them I really love Guen-Tae and Yuno (Akatsuki no Yona), Natsu and Lucy (Fairy Tail), Gray and Juvia (Fairy Tail), Nike and Livius (Soredemo sekai wa utsukushii), Mikado and Anri (Durarara!!), Decim and Chiyuki (Death Pardade), Morgiana and Alibaba though I love him with Kougyoku too xD (Magi), Ling and Lan Fan (FMA Brotherhood)... and... that's all that came to my mind at the moment. But I have so many other ships~

*Noya and Mari [speedpaint] by Yuminari*

49. Have you got any OC x canon ships -with not your OCs- ?
Sure! My current OC x Canon ships I love:
Diamond no Ace: Mei and Izumi, Kuramochi and Kiyoko (Nori-Nao), Tetsu-san and Tamae (deaxx), Furuya and Nozomi (Rinniu), Chris and Misaki (sarachan1818)
Gintama: Gin and Yuhi (Gurakko), also despite the fact that I don't know too much about them yet, I ship Hijikata and Tomoe (HanaMinx) and Cécile and Kamui (Handa-san)
Haikyuu: Noya-san and Mari (IrissenNii), Tanaka and Amaya (firead)
Others: Kanda and Rei (GazeRei), Haise and Shiori (Gurakko

50. Name some really amazing OCs you know:
If I must choose some then... Niimura Yuhi and Ikeda Shiori (Gurakko), Ai-Rin and Matsumoto Izumi (Nori-Nao), Shinobu and Tazu (Orangenbluete), Tachibana Mari (IrissenNii), Kimura Amaya (firead). But I have many others.

51. What are you going to draw in the near future? Any plans/projects?
I'm going to start working on a manga this summer. I wouldn't like to say too much about it at the moment but it will be a fantasy shounen. ;v; 

*Miyuki Kazuya [5] by Yuminari*

52. Last words?:D (Big Grin)
Dear, it was a freaking long interview, I'm so tired!! XDDD <3
But thank you for this! And thank you for everyone who read this! Tight Hug ♥



Deviantart name: Yuminari / Yuminari / :iconyuminari:
Name: Yumi
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 4
Languages: Hungarian, English, Japanese
On deviantart since: 2013
Art status 2015/03/27: Point and PayPal commissions are closed 
Commission info:  Commission Infos and Rules (Paypal and Points)Hello, everyone! ^^
I've made a commission pricelist which contains every details you should know. I do paypal and point commissions as well. Please read the following infos before asking for a slot. Thank you! :heart:
--- Please read the rules again, because I changed on some things. Also from now I do character sheets as commission~ ---
Status: CLOSED
 Waitlist: CLOSED
••• Example arts •••



Latest artworks: Yin Lin and Harada (Commission) [+Speedpaint] by Yuminari Shinobu - Kiriban by Yuminari Yuhi and Gintoki - gift by Yuminari Mi-na - Akatsuki no Yona OC sheet by Yuminari Amaya and Tanaka - Commission by Yuminari Yamari and Takata - Commission by Yuminari Akemi and Tsukishima - Commission by Yuminari Akiyama and Tanaka - Commission by Yuminari [Self-defense] by Yuminari  Mei and Izumi - Commission by Yuminari Akihiro siblings - Gintama OCs by Yuminari Commission for Azulann [2] by Yuminari 

Thank you so much for agreeing being interviewed Heart

interview with Yuminari, interviewed by deaxx

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